As experts in consulting, designing, auditing and project managing advanced technology solutions; we’re here to provide a clear window into your business’s needs – from the must-haves to the dream setup.

As AV specialists, it’s our job to be educated on every potential use of AV technology that your business might need. Whether it’s a desire to look professional and impress clients or achieve internal efficiencies by increasing collaboration and streamlining communications; we work with you to develop the vision and the strategy for your AV system. We see our engagement as a collaboration and we work hard to understand you and your requirements, so that our decisions are inherently your decisions.

Using our technical expertise, we drill down and translate the benefits and goals into tangible systems and processes for the technology within the working spaces. And no matter how much emphasis there is on wow factor, the underpinning design will be smart – incorporating a sensible balance between functionality, reliability, scalability, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

You deserve to get what you want within your budget – we exist to make that possible.



Working in a cross section of different industries, we’re constantly designing new applications for technology. As such, we’re in an excellent position to advise you on innovative ways to extract more from your current system or assist you in designing a new one.

From jaw-dropping showrooms and eye-catching digital signage to general office spaces and flexible meeting spaces, our knowledge makes us the ‘go-to’ resource for advanced technology systems. We excel at translating an organisation’s communication objectives into design principles and tactical plans that ensure consistency, scalability, reliability, and usability.


Whilst you may have an accurate inventory of your technology, it’s common to become complacent about the specifics.

Before engaging in a design, it’s always best to conduct a thorough audit of the current facilities. This sets the foundation for an accurate gap analysis and is excellent for uncovering any unforeseen issues and preparing the scope of works.

Whether you’re designing from scratch or leveraging off existing systems, InDesign liaises with the relevant stakeholders and design teams to determine your technology requirements.

Our engagement can extend from concept designs through to highly detailed technical documentation – right down to the last nut and bolt. We focus on empowering you to make key decisions with confidence. The best part is that we make the entire process smooth and painless.


Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.

At InDesign, we focus on the deliverables by continually benchmarking a project’s anticipated costs, schedules, quality, communication and risk assessment against the actual.

We have an exceptional understanding of the relationship between the tasks and how they affect one another. This gives us the foresight to anticipate and resolve problems that might jeopardize your deadlines and compromise mandatory standards.

In reality, it’s rare to find a construction project that goes perfectly to plan. There will always be technical problems, setbacks, budget constraints, last minute changes etc. These variables plus the extraordinarily high human involvement is what makes construction projects difficult to manage.

Due to our practical experience and problem solving skills we can chart a course in less than perfect conditions. It also provides you with a major benefit that most project managers can’t deliver – We don’t allow contractors do what’s convenient for them – we know how it should be done and we won’t accept anything less, ensuring that your project deliverables are achieved as planned and without compromise.


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Lighting Design
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